Halo Infinite Campaign Hands-On Preview

Halo Infinite is a strong start for Master Chief's first open-world outing, and it could bode well for the overall single-player experience.

In the opening moments of Halo Infinite's campaign, a despondent pilot says to Master Chief, "You have one bullet against an entire army, what can you do on your own?" Chief, with all the stoicism that fans have come to love him for, replies in that iconic gravelly voice, "It's enough."

After a couple of lackluster entries, I've been feeling less and less drawn to the Halo franchise, so it was difficult not to read into that moment. For me, once a diehard fan, Halo Infinite feels like developer 343 Industries' last shot at reinvigorating my fandom. And, based on what I've played of the campaign, it might just be enough.

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